Digital Health Unplugged

Digital Health Unplugged: A chat with Edward St John

March 8, 2022

Joining Jordan Sollof on the latest episode of Digital Health Unplugged is Edward St John, consultant breast surgeon and co-founder and chief medical officer of Concentric Health.

St John discusses the origins of Concentric Health, how his path led to starting-up the company with Dr Dafydd Loughran and their early achievements in the first few years of their journey.

He also explains the positive impact of Rewired Pitchfest, after Concentric Health took part in the 2021 competition and reached the final stage and highlights how the experience for the company has opened new doors and opportunities.

Lastly, St John talks post-Pitchfest, including receiving various investments, looks ahead to what Concentric Health want to achieve in the future and encourages start-ups to apply for Pitchfest next year.

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